Low-Resource Speech & Language (LSL)

The Low-Resource Speech & Language (LSL) group is a small research group at Stellenbosch University working on methods that would allow speech and language processing systems to be developed with as little supervision as possible. Apart from the students listed below, LSL also has a number of members from the DSP laboratory and MediaLab at Stellenbosch.

Current students

  • Leanne Nortje (PhD)
  • Kayode Olaleye (PhD)
  • Benjamin van Niekerk (PhD)
  • Matthew Baas (MEng)
  • Christiaan Jacobs (MEng)
  • Lisa van Staden (MEng)
  • Kevin Eloff (MEng, co-supervisors: Herman A. Engelbrecht and Arnu Pretorius)
  • Werner van der Merwe (MEng, main supervisor: Johan du Preez)
  • Salomon Kabenamualu (MSc, main supervisor: Vukosi Marivate)

Past students

  • Henry Kotze (MEng, 2021, main supervisor: Willem Jordaan)
  • Leanne Nortje (MEng, 2020)
  • Ryan Eloff (MEng, 2020, co-supervisor: Herman A. Engelbrecht)
  • Petri-John Last (MEng, 2020, co-supervisor: Herman A. Engelbrecht)
  • AndrĂ© Nortje (MEng, 2020, co-supervisor: Herman A. Engelbrecht)
  • Matthew Reynard (MEng, 2020, main supervisor: Herman A. Engelbrecht)
  • Sameer Bansal (PhD, 2019, main supervisors: Sharon Goldwater and Adam Lopez)
  • Arnu Pretorius (PhD, 2019, main supervisor: Steve Kroon)